Monday, 27 May 2019

Santa Antao

Island Characteristics
The second largest of the islands, Santo Antao offers Cape Verde's most spectacular landscapes, especially after the summer rains when the hills are stunningly green. If you have time to spare on your holiday a trip to Santo Antao is a absolute must.
Santo Antao has some of the most breathtaking and dramatic scenery in the world and it is the agricultural centre of the Cape Verde Islands, producing most of the fruits and vegetables to sustain the whole nation.

Getting There

There are some flights available to the island but these are not very frequent.

The most popular way of reaching the island is by taking a 1 hour ferry ride from Mindelo on the neighbouring island of Sao Vicente.

Capital & Main Port

map sao antao

Port town of Porto Novo

Tourist Activities

There are some of the most fantastic walks and hikes on offer here for all levels of fitness and if that is not your thing then a drive through the ribeiras will have a similar effect on you. 
A visit to see the rock at Janela where the inscriptions date back to the 1400's, before the Portuguese arrived on the islands.

The island is also famous for it's Rum.

santo antao

santo antao

santo antao