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Island Characteristics
Fogo is basicaly one large volcano which is over 3000m in height. The volcanic landscape is beautiful and you are still able to see the landscape as it was formed by previous eruptions. Fogo's landscape is very dry and arid in the south but humid and fertile in the north.



This is the hottest of the islands.



The capital Sao Filipe is built on a cliff and still very much reflects its colonial past, especially in the architecture. Because of the lava the islands' beaches are made up of black sand unlike the beaches of Sal and Boa Vista for example. But what it lacks in beaches, Fogo makes up for in amazing scenery.

The port of Sao Filipe is Porto du Vale de Cavaleros.  Which is situated about 3km from the capital Sao Filipe.
Tourist Activities

In Salina de Sao Jorge there is a natural swimming pool with black reefs which is worth a visit.

Volcano Trip

If you are visiting Fogo then a trip to the Volcano summmit is recommended. But it is not for the faint hearted. Guides are there to help you with your trip to the volcano crater - the ascent of 1,200m takes approximately 5 hours and the descent into the crater (180m) takes approximately 2 hours.

Guided Horseback Tour

Horse riding is provided at Cha das Caldeiras and this allows people to explore the volcano on horseback.


Guides are also available to assist hikers.
How to get there
Flights go to Fogo daily via Santiago with TACV
Where to stay
Pensao Eliane Clarice - (+238) 28 2181 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.