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Getting There
Flights go to Brava via Santiago with TACV.

Island Characteristics

brava landscape

Brava is the smallest of the populated Cape Verde islands and lies at the southwest end of the archipelagic crescent. It has an extremly varied terrain with high peaks contrasting with deep valleys. The coastline is deeply indented and has formed a number of bays and its' altitude means that it is the dampest in the archipelago and therefore the most green of all the islands wich has earned it fame for its abundance of stunning flowers and gardens.

Brava possesses a relatively temperate climate with a average temperatures between 16C and 25C. It is more humid and much greener than the other islands, hence why it is sometimes called "the island of Flowers".

The town of Vila de Nova Sintra is the islands capital.


The only beach on the island is located at Faja d'Agua. This beach is a black beach with volcanic sand.

Main Port

Furna is the main port, located approximately 3 km from Vila de Nova Sintra.

Tourist Activities

The scenary of Brava is beautiful and it is easy to spend many pleasurable hours on the island just walking or driving through the towns and surrounding countryside taking in the magnificent panoramic views or relaxing on the beaches and swimming in the extraordinary lagoons sheltered from the wind.
Where to stay
Pousada Municipal - (+238) 285 1295
Paulo Sena Pensao - (+238) 285 1312

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