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Cape Verde Safari


Trekking in Cape Verde


One of the most rewarding ways to explore the islands is by off-road vehicle and by foot.  There are many established off-road and trekking routes throughout all of the islands which take in breathtaking landscapes.


Some of the best trekking is found on the islands of Sao Vicente, Santo Antao and Santa Luzia.


If you are visiting the islands and are interested in finding out more, one of our trusted partners is Cabo Verde Safari. Cabo Verde Safari are located on the island of São Vicente and operate throughout the islands of Sao Vicente, Santo Antão and  Santa Luzia.


The organised treks use comfortable off-road vehicles to go deep inside the islands. Some trips involve a combination of off-road vehicle and further exploration using experienced guides.


São Vicente and Santo Antão are perfect for this type of activity which combine breathtaking volcanic landscapes, deserted areas with small typical villages to lush forests.


The uninhabited Santa Luzia is a nature reserve and has amazing white sandy beaches with crystal water.  With no regular public transport to the island the beautiful landscapes can be explored in total tranquillity.


Examples of typical itineraries:


 After being collected from your hotel, the itineraries are as follows:



São Vicente                       1 day and 2 day Safaris.

After 1 day with us you will know

all the corners of this island.


Santo Antão:                        1, 2 or 3 days Tours or Safaris

From visiting the North and green side

of this spectacular island to the dryness

of the west coast we take you to some

of the most remote places in Cape Verde.

If you decide for more than 1 day tour, we

also provide the accommodation.


Santa Luzia:                         1 day tour

The cross between São Vicente and

Santa Luzia is in a small fishing boat.

The lunch is a picnic with typical dishes

and fresh fish which we catch ourselves.



Tailored tours can also be arranged which combine safaris with trekking.  We provide the most skilled trekking guides in these islands.



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