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Cape Verde Diving





An Introduction to Diving in Cape Verde

from our friends at Cabo Verde Diving

Welcome to Cabo Verde diving a PADI Resort centre on the island of Sal. Cabo Verde Diving is located centrally on the beach of the hotel Djadsal and Farol. Its proximity to a variety of hotels and apartments ensure accessibility from a cross range of accommodation ranging from expensive to affordable.  Our team are able to offer expert advice and information to ensure that you can enjoy all the dive sites on the island throughout the year.


Sal is becoming a popular and sought after diving destination and offers a range of dives and conditions for all levels of divers. Sal has an ideal climate and diving is possible all year round with different varieties of fish being in different seasons.  Between March and May it is possible to see whales and between July and November it is possible to see whale sharks and mantas.  There is no rainy season in Cabo Verde and we therefore dive all year round.  Hump Backed whales have just been seen on the coast and it is common to see mantas, morays, turtles, lots of different types of sharks and large schools of fish.  Alongside this there is a range of corals to see.


Cape Verde Dives Spots
Ilha do Sal - Dive Spots

Dive Sites – Ilha do Sal


Below are just some of the beautiful dives that you will be able to discover with us.
We dive every day, morning and afternoon, with possibility to organize night dives and dive packages (6 or more dives).



Approximately 4Km from the island of Sal an underwater sea mountain (300m) where it is possible to see moray, tuna fish, marlin, pelagic fish, turtles, lobsters, stingray, various mantas and sharks and whale sharks.



A fantastic wall dive that starts from 28 metres and descends until 65 meters, incredible encounters every kind of pelagic fish are common here.


3 Grutas

Very easy dive: maximum depth 18 meters, with a wall and three splendid penetrable caves, from which emerge lobsters, slipper lobster, turtles and every kind of tropical fish.


S. Antaos Wreck

A commercial ship wreck (1973), broken into three parts and lying on a sandy bottom. It is possible to enter the wreck that provides habitation for numerous fish and encounters with large stingrays are common.  Maximum depth 12 meters.


Buracona and Regona

A very unique volcanic cove and one of Sal’s most interesting dives.  Buracona was created as a siphon on the land, with an incredible tranquil atmosphere and spectacular displays of light.

Regona consists of a labyrinth of caverns of various widths, with connections to horse shoe shaped tunnels that emerge into open sea.  Nurse shark and crustaceans are often seen in the caverns.


An interesting 28 metre wreck dive.  This Russian ship, used for the transport of emigrants from Senegal, sank in 2006.  The wreck is upright and the hull intact and is starting to become an artificial reef where many tropical fish can be seen.  The Boris can be penetrated easily and it is recommended that a torch be used to see the variety of schooling fish including soldier fish, trumpet fish, jack fish, frogfish alongside crustaceans like lobster and cuttlefish.  Stingrays and moray eels can also be seen. 












PADI Courses


Cabo Verde diving offers courses and rentals for diving at all levels.  Our staff are all PADI qualified and are able to teach those who want to learn to dive and those who are seeking to gain diving qualifications at a higher level from Open Water courses to Assistant Instructor qualification.  Our staff know the islands well and all the dive sites and are able to offer guided dives to all qualified divers.



We organize PADI, world-wide leader in safety and amusement, courses -  all the levels

(material available in Italian, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and German):




An Open Water introduction for people without a license --> 4 hours approximately


1st level certification, qualifies divers to a maximum depth of 12 meters --> 2 days approximately)


2nd level certification, qualifies divers to a maximum depth of 18 meters --> 3 days approximately


Advanced certification, qualifies divers to a maximum depth of 30 meters --> 5 dives are required in a minimum of 3 days


rescue course --> 4 days approximately


underwater guide --> 4 weeks approximately.              


For all Cape Verde Portal clients we are able to offer a free try dive in the pool, contact us directly to reserve your place. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for other special offers and discounts including group offers.



For further information or advice please contact Romina at ,by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone 00238 9978824.  PLEASE MENTION CVP, THANKS.








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